Neil Brown's Farm

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Who is Neil Brown

Neil Brown's name is written across our property's lot and concession on a 1890 map for the Township of Glamorgan. We assume that Neil Brown was the first owner of the property and may have started the arduous task of clearing the bush and moving the many stones in an effort to homestead. One hundred and forty years later, what remains of these efforts are huge piles of stones throughout the sugar maple bush. We recognize the earlier settlers by naming our farm after Neil Brown. 


About Us

We are Bob and Charlotte Snider, award winning hobby maple syrup producers. Beginning in 2016 with 5 buckets and a turkey fryer we have expanded each year with the help of family and friends. In 2017 we added a 16' x 20' sugar shack and a 2' x 6' wood fired Lapierre evaporator. In 2018 we improved our filtering and bottling equipment. In 2020 we experimented with 3/16" gravity sap tubing* and in 2021 expanded our operation with 215 taps on 3/16 gravity lines and 35 buckets. We will continue to improve and expand our operation but will always remain hobby producers.

* This excellent article explains the why's and how's of 3/16" gravity lines -


2019 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - Canada Grade A, Golden/Delicate Taste Maple Syrup -  Third place

2020 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (virtual event) - Canada Grade A, Golden/Delicate Taste Maple Syrup -  Fourth place


500 ml Mason Jar -  $12.00

1 liter Mason Jar  - $22.00

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